Abelone shell

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The abelone shell is ideal for charging/discharging your gemstones if you want to work with clear quartz and hematite. Place the rock crystal or hematite in the shell and place your gemstone on top to cleanse or charge it.

Or use the shell in the cleansing ritual with a smudge stick or palo santo sticks. Place the smoldering smudge stick or palo santo sticks in the shell and spread the smoke throughout the room or along the body.

TIP: Protect the mother of pearl inside with a layer of sand when working with burning sticks.

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  • You will receive an abelone shell, approx. 12 cm in size.
  • All shells are 100% natural, so your shell may differ slightly in color and shape from the shells you see in the photos.
  • All shells are personally selected from a renowned wholesaler in the Netherlands.
  • The shell is supplied without further (oil) supplies.

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