Palo Santo sticks - Set of 5

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Palo Santo can be used for energetic healing and cleansing rituals and for removing negative energy. A ritual is often done for a new beginning, for example a new house or new phase in your life. The old energy is released and space is made for new beginnings.

Palo Santo means Sacred Wood and comes from a tree of the Boswellia family, which we also know from the essential oil Frankincense. The resin from these trees is used to obtain the essential oil. The wood of the tree is used for the Palo Santo.

Palo Santo has a warm, sweet scent, has a soothing effect and creates a peaceful and warm atmosphere. A nice addition for yoga and meditation, for example. Can also be used to energetically cleanse gemstones and crystals.

You can use the palo santo sticks as follows:

  1. Place one or more palo santo sticks in a fireproof bowl or an abelone shell, possibly with a layer of sand.
  2. Light the sticks, wait until you see a flame and the fire burns into the core of the stick. This may take a little longer when you first light the stick.
  3. Blow out the flame so that the stick starts to smoke/smolder.
  4. Spread the smoke throughout the room, using a feather if necessary. Make sure that the room is open, so that windows and doors are open, so that negative energy can actually leave the room.

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  • You will receive a set of 5 palo santo sticks.
  • All sticks are 100% natural, so they may differ in color and shape from the sticks you see in the photos.
  • The set is supplied without further (oil) supplies.

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