Smudge Stick - White Sage (large)

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White sage can be used for energetic cleansing rituals and removing negative energy. A smudging ritual is often done for a new beginning, for example a new house or new phase in your life. The old energy is released and space is made for a new beginning with new possibilities.

You can do smudging as follows:

  1. Place the smudge stick in a fireproof dish or an abelone shell, possibly with a layer of sand.
  2. Light the smudge stick, wait until you see a flame and then blow it out so that the stick starts to smoke/smolder.
  3. Spread the smoke throughout the room, using a feather if necessary. Make sure that the room is open, so that windows and doors are open, so that negative energy can actually leave the room.
  • You will receive a smudge stick made of white sage, approximately 15 cm in size.
  • All smudge sticks are hand-tied and 100% natural, which means they may differ in color and shape from the smudge stick you see in the photos.
  • The set is supplied without further (oil) supplies.

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