Aromecum (10th edition) - Drs. Harmen Rijpkema (🇳🇱 Dutch)

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The book Aromecum is the aromatherapy book for anyone who wants to know more about aromatherapy. This wonderful book focuses on aromatherapy in general and is not brand related.

Hundreds of years of knowledge about aromatherapy have been collected in Aromecum. In the book you will find more than 200 detailed descriptions of essential oils, fatty plant oils and hydrolates. In addition, various themes are offered, such as aromatic chemistry, aromatherapy and the skin, aromatherapy and sports, etc. The bibliography has been supplemented with the most recent scientific insights. A wonderful reference work, but certainly also a reading book for anyone who wants to know and learn more about aromatherapy.

  • Why is aromatherapy more than just nice smells?
  • How and why does pine oil work in air disinfection?
  • Why is lavender so soothing?
  • Did you know that lavender is also very skin-generating?
  • Why does a drop of geranium oil work against nerve pain?
  • Which oils are particularly suitable for skin care and why?
  • How do I apply aromatherapy for certain complaints?
  • What dosages should I use with all those different oils?
  • Why should I use aromatherapy complementary to other therapies?
  • Why is aromatherapy so popular in terminal care (hospice palliative care)?
  • Can I use aromatherapy for elderly people with dementia?
  • What is the use of aromatherapy for athletes?

These and hundreds of other questions are answered in the book Aromecum.

The Aromecum book is written by Drs. Harmen Rijpkema. A Dutch medical anthropologist and renowned aromatherapist. The Foundation for Aromatherapy and Natural Health Care Development (SANGO) publishes this aromatherapy book after previously published monographs on Eucalyptus, Den and Peppermint (2006), Tea Tree oil (4th edition, 2020) and Lavender (4th edition, expected September 2021).

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  • Content: 600 pages
  • Published: 2021
  • Size: approx.
  • ISBN 90-809129-2-1
  • Written in Dutch