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Diffuser - Leaves

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Diffuse your favourite oils in your home with this beautiful diffuser!

The glass shade of this Leaves diffuser is made of white glass, a real eye-catcher for any interior. Due to the detailed leaves, the diffuser gives a beautiful light effect during the day and (perhaps even more beautiful) in the evening. Choose your favourite colour of the light, go for beautiful white light or let the colours blend into each other for a playful effect!

The diffuser has a water tank of 120ml and can be used for about 4 to 8 hours, depending on the selected settings. You can set the diffuser to continuous evaporation, in which the diffuser switches off automatically after an hour, or an interval function in which the diffuser is continuously switched on and off for 30 seconds interval and stops automatically after an hour. 

The Leaves diffuser is recommended for rooms up to approximately 60m². Ideal for your living room, your bedroom, or your home office.

Function of a diffuser:

  • Fragrance evaporation
    The diffuser works with ultrasonic technology. This splits the water and essential oil into millions of microparticles, creating a fine mist and spreading the scent throughout the room.
  • Humidification
    In addition to the scent and effect of the essential oils, the water is also diffused, so the room will immediately be (subtly) humidified. A dry air often occurs in the cold winter period when the heating is on, or during the summer times when air conditioning in on. Dry air can cause various ailments such as dry skin and dry lips. So it is nice not to have the air too dry.
  • Air purification
    Finally, this diffuser has an ionizing effect: the air quality improves because the diffuser spreads more negative ions in the air. This is enhanced by the use of essential oils, which already naturally have an air-purifying function.

Clean the reservoir of the diffuser at least once a week with a little alcohol and a (soft) cloth. Also make sure to replace the water in the diffuser regularly. We advise you to thoroughly clean the diffuser at least once a month. Make sure that the ultrasonic plate in the middle of the reservoir is slightly covered in alcohol. Let it stand for a few hours, so that all residues dissolve in the alcohol and pat dry with kitchen paper or a (soft) cloth.

NOTE: Carefully clean the glass cover. Do not use cleaning agents, but polish the hood with a soft dry cloth.

  • Dimensions: 10 x 15.5 cm.
  • Water tank capacity: 120ml (evaporation from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the selected setting).
  • Suitable for rooms of approximately 60m².
  • Made of high quality plastic (medical plastic, PP5) and BPA free.
  • Any other (oil) supplies are not included with this product.