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Essential Emotions - 11th Edition (🇩🇪 German)

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BY FAR one of my all-time favorite books is this book, Essential Emotions. If I want to know something about an oil, I often use this booklet first.

Essential oils are widely used for physical health, but not so often for emotional healing. As a holistic massage therapist, I strongly believe in the extra effect that essential oils can have on your mindset and balance.

In this book you will find more information about the emotional effect of an oil (blend) and you will find an extensive section about possible underlying causes of certain (emotional) complaints and how you can use essential oils to support this.

The biggest difference from the previous edition is the addition of descriptions of the latest essential oils and oil blends: Abōde, Air-X, Ancient oils, Guaiacwood, Hygge, MetaPWR, Midnight Forest, Northern Escape, Ravintsara, Spanish Sage, SuperMint and Vanilla.

Please note: This book is written in German.

NB The book of Essential Emotions is often used by people who work with oils from the dōTERRA brand, for example blend names of the dōTERRA oil blends are used. Furthermore, the book is written brand neutral and can be applied to and used as a reference work for various brands.