Chamomile flowers (dried) - 20 grams

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True (blue) chamomile ( Matricaria Recutita ) is one of the best-known medicinal herbs with a long history. For example, chamomile tea is said to help with stomach and throat problems and menstrual complaints.

This blue chamomile provides relaxation, cooling, recovery and calmness . This can be used for, among other things, skin infections and tissue repair, but also for calming thoughts and a 'busy head'.

For example, add it to a warm bath, possibly in combination with Epsom salt or use it in a bath bomb. Process it into a nice roller blend. Or how about a scented bag filled with chamomile flowers for a relaxing meditation session.

  • INCI: Matricaria Recutita
  • Usage: For preparation of cosmetics and skin care products
  • Contents: 20 grams
  • Origin: Egypt
  • Any other (oil) supplies are not included with this product