Letter Beads - Set of 70

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Create a (secret) message in your candle using letter beads. This set contains:

  • Twice all letters of the alphabet (A to Z)
  • Additional letters: 2x A, 2x E, 1x O, 1x N, 1x S and 1x T
  • Four smileys (gold colored)
  • Six hearts in different colors

How do you proceed?

  1. Melt your soy wax and fill your glass to about 1/2 inch to where you want your final candle.
  2. Let the wax solidify.
  3. Then pour a small layer of melted wax over your already solidified candle and 'stick' your letters in it.
  4. Then let this solidify again, so that the letters are firmly attached.
  5. Finally, top off your candle with a final layer of melted wax. The message is now no longer visible and appears as soon as you light the candle and the wax begins to melt.

Note: Place the letter beads at least 1.5 cm (or more) away from the wick.


  • XOXO

Who are you going to surprise with a beautiful message?

  • Bead size: 7 mm diameter
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Supplied without further (oil) supplies