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Modern Essentials Handbook - 12th edition, 2021 (🇩🇪 German)

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The Modern Essentials Handbuch is the ultimate guideline for physical and effective treatment of the physical environment in therapeutic qualities for physical, spiritual and emotional themes. Is enthält Informationen über ätherische Öle, Researchstudies, Anwendungsvorschläge, Tipps, Rezepte and more. In the 12th year, the information was updated and the descriptions for the 9 new Einzelöle and new Ölmischungen aufgenommen.

This practical Handbook covers all basic aspects related to the treatment of ätherischen Ölen starting from. Thank you for the helpful formats for the information you provide and the information you provide for your new Nutzer, which you can find in the world of the Ölen suchen, as well as for your useful Nutzer, which you will need, comprimiertes Handbuch zum eigenen Gebrauch or for your new material.

  • Ästhetisch Gestaltete einführende Texte, which are easy to understand, with useful diagrams, graphics and images that are useful, were ätherische Öle since, where they come back, who could see their own aspects and their effectiveness and were benefited from the use.
  • On the “Essential Essentials” Highlight-Seiten are included in the information and explanations of the aesthetics and the oils, the new nutritional elements can be separated, which the oil and the oils can be used for the purpose. I am aware of the nature of the life cycle and are aware of it with information and feedback, which I would like to take advantage of, because I would like to take note of it and enjoy the results.
  • Der Anwendungsleitfaden verdeutlicht, wie siecher und effektiv pure ethereal Öle in therapeutic Qualität für zahlreiche Zustände anwenden.
  • Der Leitfaden beinhaltet Informationen für über 50 Ole und Ölmischungen inkl. die neuen Produkte der Firma dōTERRA wie Yarrow Pom, die Yoga Ölmischungen und die Ölsammlung für Kinder (“Kids Collection”)
  • Handliches Format, das in jede Tragetasche, Handtasche, in de Rucksack oder ins Auto passt.
  • Publication: März 2021, 12th Edition
  • Pages: 399
  • Sprache: Deutsch
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Dimensions: 17 x 23 cm