Crystal set - Manifesting / Motivation


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This set consists of five crystals: rock crystal, yellow calcite, pyrite, orange moonstone and orange aventurine.

Rock crystal is a very versatile gemstone. This has a detoxifying effect and converts negative energy into positive energy. This brings balance to body and mind. Rock crystal increases your consciousness, makes you think clearly and brings harmony.

Calcite (yellow) stimulates perseverance, self-confidence and gives courage to persevere. This stone contributes to your physical, mental and spiritual growth and development. The yellow calcite brings your reason and emotion together and therefore provides inner peace when making decisions.

Pyrite provides insight and provides more self-knowledge. Pyrite works strongly on the third chakra, which is connected to your ego, your deepest wishes and desires and your willpower to achieve things. You can also use pyrite to bring up old traumas and then give them a place, leave them behind and focus on the future.

Moonstone (orange) radiates feminine energy, softens the heart and allows loving energy to flow. The orange moonstone in particular calms emotions and balances male and female energy. Moonstone is said to have a positive effect on hormone balance and fertility.

Aventurine (orange) gives confidence, especially in a new situation. This stone makes you positive, cheerful and helps you set and manifest goals. Aventurine orange is also seen as a lucky stone for attracting prosperity and pursuing dreams.

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  • You will receive a set of five gemstones including an accompanying card with a brief explanation of the different stones.
  • All gemstones are 100% natural and are shaped as so-called cuddly stones / tumbled stones. As a result, your gemstones may differ slightly in color and shape from the gemstones you see in the photos.
  • All gemstones have been personally selected from a renowned wholesaler in the Netherlands.
  • This set is supplied without further (oil) supplies.

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